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  Reagents SIGMA-ALDRICH and Supelco Analytical
  Toronto Research Chemicals
  Balances and laboratory instruments METTLER TOLEDO
  Incubators, climatic and temperature chambers BINDER
  Laboratory instruments EPPENDORF
  Laminar Flow Cabinets ESCO
  Ultra pure water systems
  Water baths, thermostats, cryothermostats
  Muffle furnaces
  Gerhardt laboratory instruments
  FRITSCH laboratory instruments for sample preparation and particle size analysis.
  Technology for Vacuum Systems VACUUBRAND
  Safety laboratory gas burners, electrical sterilization
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Dear Colleagues,

ALSI Corporation was founded in 1994. It was designed as a firm supplying modern instruments, chemicals, solvents and standards of famous worldwide manufacturers for analytical laboratories all over Ukraine. ALSI acts as distributor of  Mettler-Toledo, Sigma-Aldrich Corporation, Binder and cooperates with such companies as Barnstead|Thermolyne, PharmaTest.

ALSI supplies for Ukrainian customers such analytical equipment as:  Analytical balances & industrial scales, titrators, pH-meters. Also we supply fine (bio)chemicals and laboratory equipment: heating and drying ovens, sterilizers, thermostats, CO2 incubators, safety cabinet, distillation and digestion systems, extraction systems, deep-freezer, refrigerator, centrifuges, laboratory systems for ultrapure water purification, distillers, shakers, magnetic stirrers, water bath.We deal with the equipment and labware for industrial, pharmaceutical, food, petrochemical, ecological, medical, criminalistics, research laboratory uses.

But we are not only selling company. ALSI has four certified Service Engineers of world-scale qualification. Every year they attend one or two new training's at the companies we represent here.Installation, personnel training, metrological attestation in Ukrainian State Standard Institute, warranty and post-warranty support of the instruments sold are our routine work. We sell the equipment, which corresponds to the analytical tasks of our customers.

We do our best to make efforts for localization of any analytical information we get from manufacturers. Translation of manuals, application notes, books is our current job. ALSI issued its own catalogue representing analytical equipment and laboratory instruments we sell.

Since June 2001 ALSI has equipped its demo-room where our customers have an opportunity to get consultations on analytical methods, method development, to work on the instruments we sell, to get additional training.

ALSI sells laboratory equipment, some spare parts, consumables, and chemicals from its own stock and provides additional customs clearance for the customers.Thank you for visiting our web site. For the companies familiarization we deal with, for the instruments acquaintance we sell here, please use correspondent web sites.

We will be happy to meet you as our customer! 


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